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Secrets of a Porn Star Cumshot - Discover the SECRET to a HUGE Cumshot!

Wonder if this guy knows I'm giving his book away?

Secrets of a Pornstar Cumshot

Breaking news for ALL men...


Now, for the first time in history the COMPLETE PORN STAR FORMULA is about to be EXPOSED!

No more lies or secrets!

PROOF: A sampling of the clinical studies backing the ingredients in Secrets of a Porn Star Cumshot:

And that's not even half of the ingredients covered inside!


The time has come for men of all ages to get their hands on the SECRET to creating a HUGE porn star cum shot and intense mindblowing orgasms!

This is the ONLY Comprehensive Solution on the market that can DRAMATICALLY increase your ejaculation, improve your virility, and turn you into the MASTER of the Bedroom!

Your lover will literally be GASPING for air as they struggle to swallow your HUGE cum shot (I've seen it happen)!

RE: Satisfy Her Like Never Before and Leave Her BEGGING For More...

From: Steve Sizemore

Hey Guys,

There is no substitute for great sex.

No matter what kind of intimate relationship you are in, if your sex life is limping along, or struggling to survive, there are definitely going to be problems down the line; and that's if you're not being overwhelmed with problems right now! The sad fact is, most guys don't even recognize the BLATANT warning signs that their sex life (and their relationship) is headed for a breakup until it's WAY too late. 

Are You:

  • Humiliated by your teeny-tiny cum shot? 

  • Tired of looking for REAL methods to increase your ejaculation?

  • Fed up with all the web sites spreading misinformation and lies?

  • Sick of those "name brand" pills that promise the world but then fail to deliver even an extra drop?

  • Ready to IMPRESS your lover with the hugest cum shot she's ever seen?

Men can make the mistake of thinking that women being "not that into" sex is normal when nothing is further from the truth.

FACT: If your sex life has got her stifling a yawn, she might be tempted to look for "other ways" to satisfy her sexual needs.

Luckily, there is something you can do to put the brakes on your failing relationship and have her asking YOU for sex every time you turn around!

(There are some men out there that have no problem with this - they already possess all the little secrets to putting on that aura of masculinity that women crave.

But there is a way for ANY guy to get that same virility, the same kind of amazing sexual stamina, and the kind of porn star cum shot that literally leaves women gasping in amazement every single time.)

Let's face it, so what if your sex life is O.K... why are you settling for "just O.K."???

You can bet the farm that your lover isn't happy with the same boring, half-hearted, stuck in a rut sex you're having and you shouldn't be either.


Does Your Lover:

  • Always wait for YOU to make the first move when it comes to sex? 

  • Avoid having sex or think up endless excuses to not have sex when you want it?

  • Flirt and Tease all day but then hit the brakes when it's time to take it to the bedroom?

  • Make a lot of eye contact with or comment on other men, even when you and her are out Together? 

  • Seem bored, unenthusiastic, or just plain uninterested in doing ANYTHING physical with you?

If you see ANY of those blatant signs in your relationship, let me tell you they WILL stop the second you show your lover your new "secret weapon".

I've received dozens of emails from men who thought their relationships were done, finished, kaput. Then they learn the methods to getting a REAL porn star cum shot and a few weeks later they are ecstatic because their lovers can't keep their hands off of them. 

Imagine being able to cover your lover's face or body in cum every time you have sex...

The sheer power and strength behind your orgasms will literally drive her crazy with passion and she will want to see you cum like that again and again and again!

You can have that porn star cumshot whenever you want it, as well as the UNSTOPPABLE confidence it will give you when you know, without a doubt, that you are the "best she's ever had".

You will gain a lot more "attention" from women because of the way you carry yourself and the confidence that literally oozes out of you. It will absolutely amaze you when you see the benefits in every aspect of your physical, emotional, and sexual life.

And did I mention the health benefits? This isn't some weak or watered-down formula thrown together to make a quick buck off of you.

This is a comprehensive system that will get you a porn star volume and earth-shaking force on every orgasm.

Meanwhile, you'll be getting incredible health benefits from the techniques I will teach you that guarantee strong orgasms and huge cum shots every single time.


This is my personal formula and program.  See, my story started out like a lot of other guys did - with a porn film and an ephiphany.

I don’t remember the exact title of the film, but it starred Peter North and it was one of those P.O.V. (Point of View) flicks, the kind where the camera angle makes it look like you're the one getting all the action.

I wasn’t paying any attention to the male actor (who does?) since there were a couple beautiful women on the screen at the time. But all that changed in a split second.

The cum shot scene started and the sheer amount of cum this guy proceeded to drench these women with literally made me forget about everything else that was going on!

I had NEVER in my entire life seen one man produce THAT much cum - I was speechless!

I spent the next few months digging through all the research I could find on semen volume to see if that kind of cum shot was real or even possible.

Days dragged on into weeks but I kept sifting through study after scientific study, looking for clues and secrets buried deep amongst results, graphs, and obscure references. 

I even went browsing through those scam-filled online forums, reading through posts that are really just blatant ads and more than a couple “over the top” stories.

A lot of it was junk, but in nearly every site I visited I managed to find a few nuggets of truth buried here and there. 

In all my searching, some facts popped up again and again...

For instance, I discovered the huge importance of certain vitamins and minerals, what REALLY affects sex drive and semen volume, and a dozen other facts and techniques that I compiled into an ever-growing list of cum shot secrets. 

I also spent a lot of time asking questions - literally hounding the people that had the knowledge I needed to uncover the truth.

And once I was finally finished with all the research, all the searching, all the fact checking... it was time to put it all into practice. And practice I did! ;-)

After seeing it work in my own life, I was curious to see if it would work for other men, so I went back to the forums and started asking guys to try out my new formula.

The results blew me away - it was like I had discovered the magic formula everyone had been looking for! 

I talked to so many men that had thrown in the towel on increasing their semen volume because they had taken this pill or that pill with no success, yet when they followed my formula they saw HUGE success! 

I knew I had to get this out there to EVERY man who wants a truly Powerful way to enjoy that porn star cum shot in their own lives, so I put together this comprehensive program.


Secrets of a Porn Star Cumshot - A $97 Value

This isn't another pill full of filler ingredients or a list of gimmicky "tricks" to make it look like you've increased your semen volume.

No, this is the real deal - every single thing you need to know in order to cum harder, longer, and with WAY more volume than you've EVER had before!

I put it all together so every man who buys this can learn how to flood their lovers with huge amounts of cum once they put this simple system in to practice.

Some of the things I'll teach you:

...almost 90% of semen volume is produced by or dependent on this one CRUCIAL body part, but most semen enhancers either IGNORE it or trivialize its importance!

....want a HUGE cum shot? There are 4 types of herbs you NEED to take to get to that PORN STAR level!

...the BREAKTHROUGH new mineral that cost only 4 cents a day and can DOUBLE or TRIPLE the effectiveness of ANY herb or mineral it is taken with!

...the 3 SPECIAL herbs that INCREASE testosterone. sex drive, AND semen volume and why most men aren't taking ENOUGH to see PORN STAR RESULTS!

...a PORN STAR cum shot is dependent on a healthy prostate. Most people use saw palmetto but there is a SECRET Chinese herb that is 10 times more EFFECTIVE at shrinking a swollen prostate!

...the POWERHOUSE herb that was STRICTLY OFF-LIMITS to ancient Incan warriors going into battle because they became so HORNY they would f*ck ANY woman they laid eyes on!

...DEPRESSED, TIRED, or ANXIOUS? Surprisingly, your sex life may be to blame! SHOCKING facts about the effects of too LITTLE sex and too MUCH!

...the real REASON male enhancement products don't WORK and who these companies REALLY care about (HINT - It's not you!).

...and many more!

This "magic" formula is a life changer for all those men who are fed up with having weak, tiny orgasms...and I've done everything I can to ensure that you have EVERY single scrap of information you need to cum like a true porn star!


Let's lay it on the line here. How much have you already spent chasing the dream? Have you bought into those expensive pills that give barely any results?

Or maybe tried to get a prescription for Clomid or something similar? How many hundreds (or thousands) of dollars could you spend on pills, powders, shakes and supplements that absolutely do not work?

This is the ONLY guaranteed formula that addresses every factor needed to have an amazing porn star cumshot.

You don't just get a bunch of pills and no direction, or some vague techniques that don't do anything by themselves...

You get everything in one easy-to-follow formula that will give you the most intense orgasms and huge cumshots every time!

I know that you can easily spend thousands on pills that don't work.

And if I were going to be a completely stingy kind of guy about all the work I've put into this, I'd charge that much too.

But I know that if you're serious about this, and you want to take action right now, the last thing you need is a huge pricetag to keep you out of the game.

So I'm going to make it really simple. If you order today, you get my best price ever on the formula: Only $2.99.

This is my "introductory" price, and it's only going to go up from here. So the sooner you act, the more money you'll save.


This is my honest, 100% no-risk, no-questions asked satisfaction guarantee. Buy Secrets of a Porn Star Cumshot today and try it for 60 days. If you don't see a 300% increase in semen volume, then I'll buy my guide back from you at DOUBLE the price! So you've really got nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying this "magic" formula and putting everything into practice...


Remember, this special $2.99 (special Amazon price!) price could go up at any time. So act now if you're really serious about having an amazing porn star cumshot!

Here's to the Best Sex You've Ever Had,

Steve Sizemore

P.S. I know you're fed up with having weak, tiny orgasms that leave you and your partner unfulfilled. Secrets of a Porn Star Cumshot can reignite the spark and bring back that passion in your relationship that has been missing for so long!

P.P.S. Remember, your purchase today is completely risk-free. Try the formula I put together for 60 days, and if you aren't seeing at least a 300% increase in your semen volume, I'll buy it back from you at TWICE what you paid for it - no hassles.

P.P.P.S. The price on this is going to start going up very quickly to cover the cost of all my bandwidth and hosting, so if you want this special $2.99 price I urge you to act before its too late! 


I'm in, Steve! I want...

... to drench my lover with a huge porn star cum shot! I am clicking the order button right now in order to get the secrets of your guaranteed formula that will make my loads bigger and my orgasms more powerful every time.

I know that by ordering today I'll lock in the special $2.99 rate as this price will go up very soon. I have a full 60 days to try your "magic" formula and if I'm not completely satisfied I can get DOUBLE my money back, no questions asked.

Give Me ALL the SECRETS of a Porn Star Cumshot...I'm locking in my special price by buying TODAY!


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